716 DAY

716 Day is our annual one-day giving fundraiser! The day takes place every year on July 16th - aka 7/16 - aka 716 Day! 2017 marks our first year doing this and we hope you will join us through giving on this exciting day. 716 Day is all about Buffalo: the communities we serve, the nonprofits we work alongside, and the individuals we have the privilege of showing God's love to on a daily basis. The giving day will only last for 24 hours on July 16th, but we've set up this page so you can read our stories and learn more about the work we do alongside so many incredible organizations and churches in Buffalo. As the date approaches, we'll be updating this page with new stories, ways to get involved, fundraising goals, giving challenges, and more! 


In 2013, 716 Ministries began managing facilities for other non-profits and churches in the city of Buffalo. We found that we were able to serve a unique need to our partners, allowing them to focus on their mission, while we focus on their buildings. 

Jericho Road Community Health Center became our first official Facility partner in 2013. They had a humble beginning, starting out as a family practice on the West Side of Buffalo, treating refugees and other patients who were uninsured or underinsured, as a way to provide them with health care when they needed it. They quickly realized the strength between physical, mental and spiritual health, as an offshoot of the practice (Jericho Road Ministries) was developed. When the two organizations merged together, they formed Jericho Road Community Health Center. JRCHC operates out of 7 buildings throughout the city of Buffalo. We are blessed to be able to serve them through maintenance and janitorial services at each of their locations. By doing so, they are able to focus on their patients, while we worry about their buildings. As Jericho continues to grow into various neighborhoods of Buffalo, we are committed to walking alongside them to see holistic healthcare provided to the city's residents. 

On the Job

On the Job Ministries joined 716 Ministries in 2007 with the mission of providing job training in order that individuals attain meaningful, lasting work. The program has transformed over the years to our current Work Readiness program.

We've collaborated with The Salvation Army and Jericho Road's Vive to create the Work Readiness Program, which is a soft-skills training program with a heavy focus on mentorship. The goal of this program is to give participants the training they need so they can obtain employment, while also gaining self confidence. Since its creation in 2015, the program has grown from 3 to 5 weeks and we've expanded our partners to include Goodwill Industries and the Buffalo Peace House. With an emphasis on mentorship, we've seen participants thrive. One participant, a single mom with a 3-year old daughter, graduated from the program last March. We saw her grow in confidence and courage through mentorship and one-on-one relationships. She started coming to our Bible Study and began attending church weekly. This program is continually transforming lives!


Housing Rehab is how we got our start at 716 Ministries. Originally focused on the West Side of Buffalo, we've rehabbed 26 houses to date. By rehabbing houses, we are able to create homeownership opportunities for neighborhood residents, which in turn will help to stabilize the communities we are working in. 

One of our newest houses is 213 Lombard Street. It's our first East Side property, located adjacent to The Broadway Market and around the corner from Jericho Road's new East Side Medical Facility. The Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood was once a thriving area in the city of Buffalo, but after many years of neglect, it has become forgotten (except for The Broadway Market at Easter). We desire to rehabilitate this house, in an attempt to break the cycle of neglect in this neighborhood. We are excited about this opportunity with Jericho Road, among other new development, so close. We will work alongside the residents of the neighborhood as we rehab this house and continue to provide homeownership opportunities in the City of Buffalo. 

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