Our stories

You may be asking "Why should I give?" Well, we may be a little biased, but for a small organization, we tend to have a big impact on the neighborhood. We often work behind the scenes, and while we wouldn't have it any other way, we'd love for you to read our stories and learn a bit more about the impact we're making in our neighborhoods and amongst our partners. 

Below are stories for the specific projects we're raising funds for. Stay tuned for more stories of past projects!

Loretto Ministry Center

The mission of the Loretto Ministry Center (LMC) is to provide a safe, affordable, and quality space to groups that are positively impacting the West Side of Buffalo, welcoming the diversity that reflects the surrounding community. Before 716 Ministries purchased the building from the Catholic Diocese in 2010, it was underutilized and not serving the surrounding community to the best of its ability. We took over the building with the hope of forming intentional partnerships with like minded organizations that would help to change that. Since 2010, we've seen programs, churches, and events come out of Loretto that have greatly impacted thousands of our neighbors. 

Work Readiness

The Work Readiness program was established in 2015, with the vision of helping under-resourced individuals gain employment, while transforming lives.  Each program session provides participants with soft skills training and hands on experience in culinary and maintenance services. The thing that sets this program apart from other job training programs is that each participant is paired one-on-one with a mentor. With this emphasis on mentorship, we're seen participants thrive. One participant, a single mom with a 3-year old daughter, graduated from the program in 2016. We saw her grow in confidence and courage through mentorship and one-on-one relationships. She started coming to our Bible Study and began attending church weekly. We are continually amazed at the ways in which God is blessing this program and revealing himself to the participants.