716 Ministries is a community development organization providing economic capacity and property revitalization to the

greater Buffalo, New York area. 

Our Vision

  • We aim to work together with service organizations and residents of Buffalo, NY, to seek fundamental justice for the people of the community.
  • We aim to provide a Christian foundation for programs and activities.
  • We aim to facilitate the empowerment of the people in the neighborhood through charitable and educational programs and services.
  • We aim to provide resources and opportunities so that residents can reach their full physical, mental and spiritual potential.

Our Values

  • Relationships | Concern for people over product; relationship over output; and transformation over transaction
  • Opportunities | Meaningful development for employees, partners and volunteers
  • Excellent Service | We will under-promise and over-deliver our services  
  • Financial Sustainability | Operate to break even; reinvest profits back into our neighborhoods
  • Gratitude | We will continually thank God and others for their love and support
  • Following Jesus | We will follow Jesus in his example of loving and serving
  • Integrity | Honesty, moral behavior, and a value-centered life

Our History

716 (pronounced seven-one-six) Ministries, formally known as, Westside Ministries became a 501(c)(3) in 2002 when a few people saw a need for better housing on Buffalo's West Side. They bought a house on Parkdale Ave, rehabbed it and then sold it back to a first time homebuyer who was an active community member. Seeing the positive impact that this rehabbed house had on not only the individual, but on the neighborhood as well, they decided to keep going, purchasing, rehabbing and selling houses on the West Side to first time homebuyers. Since 2002, 716 Ministries has grown alongside the neighborhood, completing 25 house rehabs thus far. Learn more about our housing rehab projects here

In 2007, On the Job Ministries joined us and the New to You thrift store was born. Originally focused solely on youth job training, the store operated a few small businesses for a period of time. While the store is still open on Grant Street, our job training program has developed into our Work Readiness Program. Learn more about our comprehensive Work Readiness Program here

In 2010, 716 Ministries bought the Loretto Ministry Center (LMC); our first step towards the addition of Facility Maintenance and Management. LMC quickly became a strong asset to our neighborhood as a much needed community center. A few years later, in 2013, we began overseeing facilities for some of our closest partners and neighbor churches. Through this service, we are serving those who serve. Learn more about our services here

In 2016, 716 Ministries officially changed it's name from Westside Ministries. As 716 represents the Buffalo area code, this name change did not change our scope of work, but rather allowed us to be more inclusive to all of the Buffalo neighborhoods we work in.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to see God's Kingdom alive in Buffalo.