716 Ministries aims to support individuals who have demonstrated an ability to own a home but have otherwise lacked an opportunity. Through housing rehabilitation, we can offer homes at an affordable price to first-time and low income homebuyers.


Total Properties Rehabbed: 26

Total # of Volunteer Hours Spent on Housing in 2016: 2,213 hours

Total Amount of Rehab $ Invested into Buffalo: over $2 million

Housing History

Located in zip code 14213, 716 Ministries was established in 2002 to provide renovated housing at affordable costs, on-the-job training for at-risk youth via a thrift store, community space to West Side organizations, and assistance to low-income individuals in the West Side community of Buffalo. 

Of the 17 zip codes in Buffalo, the under-resourced West Side has the third highest percentage of families and individuals living below the poverty line. In 2010, 46% of families were living below the poverty in the 14213 zip code. 716's mission is to stabilize the West Side community providing homeownership and employment opportunities to low-income individuals, fostering self-sufficiency through mentorship and empowerment initiatives. 

One of the ways that 716 Ministries aims to break the cycle of poverty is through affordable housing renovation; through this initiative we acquire neglected housing stock, complete renovations with volunteers and an employed crew of West Side residents, and then resell the homes to first-time and low-income homebuyers at an affordable price. In neighborhoods like the West Side of Buffalo, homeownership means owning the same home for much less than it would cost to rent it. Since 2007, 716 Ministries has completed the rehab of 26 homes, creating homeownership opportunities and aiding in reversing the cycle of poverty.

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