Work readiness program

We believe that all individuals deserve an opportunity to learn and develop essential workplace excellence and job skills, so they can obtain meaningful employment. Since 2007, 716 Ministries has provided job training for members of our community. Today, our job training takes place in form of our Work Readiness program. 


The 716 Ministries Work Readiness program began in the spring of 2015. At it's core, the program is focused on workplace excellence. We guide individuals through the stages necessary to obtain meaningful employment, through soft-skills training and one-on-one mentorship. Most of all, we encourage individuals to believe in themselves and believe that they have something unique to offer future employers. We currently partner with Salvation Army's 'Welfare to Work' Program and Jericho Road's Vive La Casa in running this program.

Participants of the program will experience the following:

  • Paired one-on-one with an experienced mentor and encourager.
  • Opportunity to meet and learn from local business leaders. 
  • Training in core work-readiness: building a winning resume, effective job interview skills, developing a unique 60-second ‘commercial,’ excelling as a member of workplace teams, managing adversity at work, and many other essential skills.
  • Opportunity for 'Phase 2' hands-on internship placement