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716 Ministries provides a host of behind-the-scenes services to our partner organizations, allowing them to focus on their primary mission. Our Facility Crews provide building maintenance, janitorial service, landscaping, and snow removal with a focus on providing prompt, excellent customer service. Our service initiatives mobilize and inspire dozens of volunteers each year. 

It is our pleasure to serve those who serve.

Facilities Management

In communities of the West and East Sides of Buffalo, many nonprofits are doing good work inside neglected buildings, whose slow decay creates crisis that drain valuable resources away from the central work of the organization. This is where 716 Ministries steps in and takes over building maintenance and projects for these nonprofits and churches.

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We currently serve a dozen organizations and churches, of all shapes and sizes, throughout the city of Buffalo. We are blessed to serve those who serve in our great city.

Our Areas of Service Include:

  • ​​Planning and Administration

  • Maintenance

  • Janitorial Services

  • Rehabilitation

  • Occupant Coordination

  • Groundskeeping

If you are a church or nonprofit in the city of Buffalo interested in utilizing our services, we'd love to connect with you! Click the button below for more of our Facilities Management Services and contact our team for more information today.

Room Rental



The Loretto Ministry Center (LMC) is the former Our Lady of Loretto, built in 1954 by the Catholic Diocese. Our Lady of Loretto closed to the community in late 2009.  716 Ministries purchased the property March 2010 and opened LMC as a community center to our neighbors. 

Currently, the following groups meet and operate on a regular basis at LMC:

- 716 Ministries 

- Jericho Road Community Health Center: Parent Child Home Program

- Strong Academy

- Destiny International Church

- Karen Baptist Church

The building consists of three parts:

-The school, which includes a gymnasium and kitchen.

-The church, which seats over 400.

-The rectory, which can house up to 20 people.


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